Bakery Display Showcase  & It’s  Buying Guideline

Bakery Display Showcase is an essential appliance for bakeries, cafes or any food business that wishes to display bakery foods for their customers. Having a nice display showcase will always have a very positive effect on your Bakery business, without it you just can’t attract the customers to your bakery. Showing off all the nice things that you have to offer to the customers need to be put in plain sight. Only then you will get successful in attracting more customers and increase your overall profit. Remember there is saying that “Your eyes are bigger than your stomach.”

Bakery display showcases are as must as they allow you to show a wide range of product, while also keeping the product fresh and delicious. Usually a good visual appeal makes clients want to seize that piece of cake, when they visit your bakery. In bakery business, you should keep in mind that your food should not only attractive, but it should be tasty as well. By doing so you could attract more regular and new customers.

Bakery Display Showcase Buying Guide

Do you own a bakery, cafe or restaurant that serves bakery products as parts of the menu, then you will definitely need a Bakery Display Showcase in order to keep them fresh as well as good looks. The temperature range of the Bakery display refrigerator is different from the regular fridges because cakes need to be kept at specific temperature and humidity level in order to keep fresh and tasty. Here are the list of factors to consider while deciding on the best Bakery Display Chiller for your business.


The best thing is to see around your shop and decide on which area to place display showcase. Display showcase can’t be placed anywhere, you should choose a designated position that will catch the eyes of anyone who enters to your business premises.


The size depends on what you planned on displaying in the fridge. Cakes are also in different sizes and steps. The size should depend on two things, first the space of your shop and second the quantity you want to present at one time.


The major two styles of Bakery Display Showcase either straight or curved front glass. You can buy the display showcase with a straight front glass or the curved front glass, it depends on your personal choice.


Lighting of your products is key to their presentation. In lighting, generally you have two choice , the yellow light and the white one. Choose the light according to the interior or theme of your shop. Light plays a important role in creating the better visual impact. And make sure they are energy efficient and effective.


Glass shelves are always a better option than the solid shelves because glass allows light to filter throughout the display. They help in displaying the products in an effect manner. The food will appear as if floating.

Are you Looking for a New Bakery Display Chiller?

There are various ideas to start searching bakery display chiller and one of those is the internet. Because it is a modern trend to search and get knowledge of required things through online. So, by using the internet, you will get a clear ideas about the various brands available in the markets along with the models & designs, features & specification, prices and benefits. Once you figured out which supplier has the type of bakery display chiller which you are looking for, you need to ask the some
Questions which is below:
Ask about..
1. availability of sample model which you can go and see,
2. expected delivery time to your place,
3. products warranty period,
4. after sales services,
5. site repair and maintenance facility,
6. payment method.

Thus, once you will get the answers to these important questions, then its a great idea to go and see the models at their showroom or store. I highly recommend you to contact Shindraa Solutions pvt. Ltd. Who offers better quality of Bakery display Showcases in Kathmandu , Nepal.

By: Sagar Niraula

Marketing Head

Shindraa Solutions Pvt.Ltd

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