TICA-C-Series Pueified Air Duct Unit


Ultra-thin unit body can be hidden easily
TICA C series air duct units have a compact structure and elegant appearance. The body is only 200 mm thick, not only increasing the utilization rate of house space and ceiling height but also improving comfort. The small depth of 450 mm applies to the bedroom of smaller depth.

Left/right drainage and fewer pipe bends
The user can freely choose left/right drainage according to site conditions. The drainage pipeline system is simple with fewer bends for smooth drainage.

Free air return, adjustable on the field
The unique “high strength and low noise” design is adopted for the fan mounting plate, and the two flexible engineering installation methods of bottom return air and back return air can be implemented to meet different ceiling conditions and user requirements.

Multiple static pressures, not restricting installation
The default static pressure of the unit is 10 Pa, and the air outlet panel or short-distance air duct can be directly connected. The 30 Pa static pressure can be adjusted on the field, and the return air purifier or longer-distance air duct can be selected. Various static pressures can meet the requirements of different sites.

Condensate pump, ensuring smooth drainage
1100 mm condensate lifting pump can be selected, making drainage pipe arrangement extremely convenient.

Cooling capacity range:

Ultimate: Cooling capacity: 870 ~ 2380 W

Heating capacity: 860 ~ 2200 W



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